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About Mary and Her Books

Mary Oakley lived in Bristol and started collecting quotations and prayers many years ago. It has been a life-long interest resulting in five small books.

Not till some time after her husband's death did the opportunity come to share some of the verses with others who were bereaved. In 1981 Thoughts on Life to Come was compiled, and it has since had wide circulation both in this country and abroad.

Living a Day at a Time followed a period of illness in 1990 when there seemed little available to help those who needed a small book with short daily readings from various sources.

In Quietness and Confidence or A White Candle was first published in 1991 to help those who were growing older and were feeling lonely. The quotations, both light-hearted and serious, aim to encourage and assure those who experience these problems, so that they can be faced with humour, courage and faith.

Who Cares?, the fourth in the series, was compiled in 1994 to help those who are involved in both giving and receiving care.

Beyond the Gate was compiled in 1996 for those experiencing the loss of a child.